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We are the women and men who feel that the loss of ancient cultures would be a loss for our whole world. There is wisdom in the languages, art, stories and songs of the tribal people who weave the fabric of our being-ness, those who once lived freely in nature and who need our help to preserve the precious pieces of their cultures. We may live more fully by listening, feeling and belonging to the stories of the indigenous people of the world.

A vanishing soul from the rainforest is a lost opportunity for us to find the medicines, the wisdom, and the wealth of knowledge they hold in their hearts and minds. What magic do we lose when we lose an ancient culture? What would we be without the Mbuti who have lived sustainably in the rainforest for over ten thousand years or the Chumash grandmothers who are holding the traditions for the seventh generation. Our lives are enriched by the ancient wisdom and beauty of these gracious and loving people who inhabit the earth with no impact to the environment- what can we learn that we haven’t yet been taught? Find out here….