The Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) preserves indigenous cultures, which are living treasures, by promoting worldwide environmental stewardship. Indigenous people are being evicted, displaced, disenfranchised, and even killed – forced to leave their native habitats, pull up roots and move. Their communities are struggling to adapt to the chaos, and are canaries in the global mine. Their stories are moral barometers for the rest of the world. When we lose indigenous peoples, we lose ethnic and cultural diversity and vast libraries of knowledge.

TTF seeks funding to support our global effort to empower indigenous people. We are creating programs that will serve as models for engaging communities in voluntary education initiatives based on furthering indigenous knowledge and practices. We are developing environmental education programs that offer long-term sustainable solutions. We celebrate a collective effort to foster an enlightened heart, a deep knowing that we are One, and an awakened longing for connection to Mother Earth.


To empower women and children through education for the purpose of preserving indigenous culture in their environment.


To be know as the premiere organization propagating sustainable indigenous cultural values and disseminating them into the global community.


The Tribal Trust identifies sustainable grass roots projects that help preserve the living arts and culture of indigenous people. When the projects are in politically hostile environments, the Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) partners with local organizations whose experience and existing relationships help sustain these joint initiatives.

“Indigenous traditions offer solutions for long term, multicultural sustainability of the environment, medicinal innovations from natural sources, and psychological and social revelations. This untapped knowledge is of enormous benefit to all of humankind.”

The Calling

Tribal Trust Foundation responds to the multifaceted needs of indigenous people, ranging from the preservation of tribal customs to reinstating ancestral land rights. Indigenous communities around the world are asking for assistance to preserve their culture and traditional way of life. Due to nontraditional influences and the basic need to survive in a modern world, many ancient and complex cultures are in jeopardy of disappearing forever.


  • Creativity: Vision with action can change the world. We are dedicated to creating awareness of customs and cultures that are disappearing.
  • Service: We help others help themselves and promote compassion and understanding of diverse traditions.
  • Leadership: We support women by validating tribal traditions that preserve cultural heritage and contribute to women’s empowerment.

Proven Successes:

TTF has proven success with a published book chapter “Tulum, Mexico: A case study modeling collaboration for access to clean water for indigenous peoples” in International Environmental Justice: Competing Claims and Perspectives (2012) edited by F. Gordon and G. Freeland