Our Partners

Sharing indigenous wisdom and culture in support of Mother Earth and global healing.

The Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) provides our partners with invaluable support through our fiscal sponsorship program. With this invaluable administration structure, committed wisdom keepers and elders are able to share their indigenous wisdom, while actively preserving the integrity of nature-based cultures around the globe for the benefit of all people. By providing this opportunity, both TTF and the communities we serve shall realize our shared vision ~ to work for a world where the wisdom of indigenous ancestors and elders is held in the highest esteem, so they may guide humanity to live in harmony with Mother Earth, with all Life born of her and with each other.


‘Ancestors’ Showing Up TV


‘Ancestors’, a film produced by Showing Up TV, LLC (SUTV), will entertain, educate, and inspire viewers to make a positive philanthropic difference in the world through learning about and sharing indigenous wisdom and culture in support of Mother Nature

Bringing the Sacred Back


The ultimate goal of 'Bringing The Sacred Back' is to unite mankind through the process of unification of all indigenous ceremonies. The indigenous being from Canada down to the tip of South America. To bring about the traditional teachings of the natural laws of the universe. These are the main teachings that mankind left behind. Through this process, we hope to bring change, we hope to bring love, we hope to bring understanding, we hope to bring respect between all nations.

Loving Waters

Loving Waters™ is a growing global community of Water lovers, advocates and guardians uniting together in remembrance of our primary sacred relationship … Water AS Life. Loving Waters is an educational community bringing broader awareness of our Water as a living organism to be respected and loved. The intention and mission of Loving Waters is to globally inspire local communities into deeper conversations regarding our vital stewardship and guardian roles of caring for our world’s Water.

Medicine Wheel Living Park


The Medicine Wheel Living Park is a 65-acre park located on the South Dakota side of Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in the Bear Soldier community aka McLaughlin. The goal is to offer ways of understanding how we can attain an eco-friendly, socially just and harmonious co-existence with each other and our sacred Grandmother Earth, and also to bring hope to the children and people of the 3rd poorest county in the nation.

Interesting in applying for fiscal sponsorship?

Before filling out this application please review our website to gain an understanding of the Mission of the Tribal Trust; the benefits of becoming fiscally sponsored; and examples of the fiscal sponsorship projects currently being sponsored.

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