Local Santa Barbara, CA Project: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The TTF lead a group of local allies in proposing that the City Council of Santa Barbara and the Board of Supervisors of Santa Barbara County successfully adopt a resolution acknowledging the first Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, replacing Columbus Day. After a year of campaigning, a Declaration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day by the Mayor of SB was implemented, gaining the support of the local Chumash bands including representatives of the SYBCI, the Coastal and the Barbareno.
This widespread support was especially significant because it represented a coming together of diverse members of our community in support of moving forward in a positive way. By creating an Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we commemorate the survival and renewal of Native cultures in the face of political and cultural repression. We acknowledge the true historical legacy of oppression and repression through colonization, genocide and enslavement of native Peoples. Through this action we begin the process of reconciliation to heal the historical trauma that affects all of us, as well as the land. Locally, we will be recognizing and honoring the Chumash people as the first people of this region, who have contributed so much richness and wisdom to the environment, culture and community of Santa Barbara.