Awake; A Dream from Standing Rock

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100% of the proceeds from the film will go to the Indigenous Media Fund and the Pipeline Fighters Fund. Both funds are supervised by the film’s creators and a council of Indigenous leaders to support direct actions, Indigenous filmmakers and journalists. AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock is a collaboration between Indigenous filmmakers, Director Myron Dewey, Executive Producer Doug Good Feather and environmental Academy Award nominated filmmakers and activists Josh Fox and James Spione.

This film tells the dramatic story of the historic #NODAPL native-led peaceful resistance at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, which captured the world’s attention as one of the biggest stories of 2016. Tens of thousands of activists travelled from all over to stand in solidarity with the water protectors (activists) protesting the construction of the 3.7 billion dollar Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which is purposed to transport fracked oil from North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields through sovereign land, under the Missouri River, the water source for the Standing Rock reservation and 17 million people downstream.

The world watched in horror as militarized police, local and from surrounding states, as well as private DAPL security teams and BIA law enforcement repeatedly confronted the unarmed peaceful and prayerful Water Protectors and journalists with military grade sound cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas, weaponized dogs, high powered water hoses in sub-zero temperatures and violent, often unprovoked arrests. 

President Trump has approved DAPL, but the fight continues on. Standing Rock awakened the nation and has forever changed the way we fight for clean water, the environment and the future of our planet. “The battle that began at Standing Rock is a battle for the soul of America itself, and it is far from over. This film is part of the rallying cry for indigenous sovereignty and clean water that has resonated across the globe.

The battle that began at Standing Rock is a battle for the soul of America itself, and it is far from over. This film is part of the rallying cry for indigenous sovereignty and clean water that has resonated across the globe. It has been a great honor and privilege to work with people from Standing Rock, like Floris White Bull and Douglas Good Feather, who have guided this project every step of the way,” says Fox, the project creator.


Executive produced by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Amy Zeirling (The Invisible War, The Hunting Grounds), Golden Globe nominated actress/activist Shailene Woodley (Divergent, A Fault in Our Stars) and Lauren Taschen, the film’s score features music from indigenous musician/activists Nahko, (Nahko and the Medicine People) and Prolific the Rapper. Floris White Bull and Doug Good Feather serve as advisors, White Bull is also one of the film’s writers.

JOSH FOX: Academy Award nominated, Emmy Award winning filmmaker Josh Fox (GASLAND Parts I and II), is an internationally recognized spokesperson on fracking and extreme energy development. In 2016 he was awarded his third Environmental Media Association award for Best Documentary for his film How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, was released on HBO and toured the world theatrically. Fox is the Producing Artistic Director of International WOW, a film and theater company he founded in 1996, the theater company has performed across the US, Europe and Asia. As a journalist, Fox has contributed to Rolling Stone, Daily Beast and the online network NowThis. One of his recent NowThis Standing Rock reports reached over 40 million people. JAMES SPIONE Academy Award nominee James Spione’s last film, the whistleblower documentary Silenced, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and was nominated for an Emmy in 2016. His previous work Incident in New Baghdad won Best Documentary Short at Tribeca, and earned an Academy Award nomination. Mr. Spione’s other films include American Farm, about the demise of his family’s fifth-generation homestead in central New York State; as well as a continuing series of short docs exploring the Eastern Shore of Virginia, one of the few remaining rural coastal regions in the continental United States. Spione has also written and directed a number of fiction films, including the Sundance favorite Garden, starring Oscar winner Melissa Leo. His first film Prelude won a Student Academy Award and screened at numerous international film festivals.

Myron Dewey drone footage made him one of the most important journalistic voices to come out of the Standing Rock movement. Founder and owner of Digital Smoke Signals, Dewey is Newe-Numah/ Paiute-Shoshone from the Walker River Paiute Tribe, Agui Diccutta Band (Trout Eaters) and Temoke Shoshone. He is a professor, filmmaker/editor, digital storyteller, historical trauma trainer, drone operator and journalist. Digital Smoke Signal’s goal is to help bridge the digital divide throughout Indian Country and indigenize media through indigenous eyes with cultural core values (Culture, Reciprocity, Respect and Family).

FLORIS WHITE BULL Floris White Bull is the daughter of Mark F. White Bull (Lakota) and Patricia Ann Loretto (Pueblo). Raised at Standing Rock, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with degrees in Energy Technology and Native American Studies from Sitting Bull College and is currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. She is a principal subject and co-writer of AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock.