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Help Save These Forgotten People & Cultures Before It’s Too Late!

Many extraordinary, deep-rooted, and beautiful indigenous cultures are endangered. With them, centuries of historic wisdom, traditions & art are being wiped out, extinguished forever.


Why? Lack of understanding and appreciation; prejudice; governmental oppression; and foolish human acts like setting fire to the Amazon Rainforest threaten their habitats and way of life. 


Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) possesses a unique ability to reach, connect with, and help preserve these indigenous cultures and people through education, documentation, promotion, donor-driven trips, and financial support. Our links into these tribes are unparalleled.


While it may “take a village to raise a child”, it takes caring people like you to save a “village”!  (an indigenous culture).


                                Every contribution from you can make a world of difference!


    Please help us to help them…


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There are many ways to give including becoming a member, making a one-time donation, providing legacy support and to donate your time and talent. People often give nothing because they can only give a little. Please know that every contribution makes a BIG difference!

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Consider Giving Monthly to Become a Member of Our Tribe. Your sustained monthly membership gift will help strengthen the Tribal Trust Foundation’s long-term stability, security and enable further development.

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Your individual donations go a long way to help strengthen the Tribal Trust Foundation’s daily operational security and maintaining a sound financial foundation.

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Each of the Tribal Trust partners are committed to protecting the vital abundance of our Mother Earth and sharing the cultural wisdom of those people who remember we are all indigenous to her. For many years these amazing teachers have continued tirelessly with their work despite great sacrifice to their own personal well-being and with severely insufficient funding. While the services these leaders, elders and healers provided to their communities are invaluable, most often, because of their commitment to serve All Life, as well as their traditional and cultural training, they won’t or can’t ask for the very support they often so desperately need. As their fiscal sponsors, it is our intention to help ease this lack of resources and daily hardships so that their teaching many reach the multitudes of people seek it.

You can help this effort significantly. By donating to a specific partner or project, your are not only stepping forward to support a teacher and cause you feel connected to, you are also clearly voicing your own commitment to love our Mother Earth and all her children. The Tribal Trust Foundation, our partners and the future generations thank you.

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When you volunteer your time, not only do you help the Tribal Trust Foundation defer some of our costs, you are actively building community with other resonant hearts who understand the vital importance of preserving the wisdom of indigenous cultures and protecting the people of these cultures.

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